Sunday, November 17, 2013

Celebrating Weirdness

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God is Good..

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Just happy and wanted to share this..

Monday, August 26, 2013


So today is the day after my birthday.  I haven't kept up on this blog well, but what is a person to do when they have two hundred different sites they are involved with.  Well of course you start to change things, be involved it the groups that mean the most. Things have been getting better and better every day.  I believe the world is changing, not just me now.  I am not as tired anymore, which is great.  And since mothers day, this year 2013, I have lost 30 pounds, so I am sure that helps a lot!!!  And it really has been so easy...

My spiritual program has changed in leaps and bounds over the years.  But this last year has been amazing, absolutely amazing.  Many teachers have been put in my path, and even more angels, guiding me... leading me on a path that I don't know where I am being led.  It is a wonderful path with so many challenges.  Some have been so extremely painful, and then some have had surprises that have floored me.  Friends and family have shown up in my life that I thought had long forgot about me... honestly...

I want to show you a gift I got last night... I am sure it was from God.... I don't know who your God is, but I hope that your God does amazing things for you, as often, and unexpected as mine does.  Well honestly I think it is the same God, I just think we all have a different name and image... But the power comes from the same place.  I have decided to start sharing some of my journey now, with this blog, I am going to tell you much of my story.  Now that I have learned my new perspective, OK not now, it's been a process,  on life... and it is really new, this will be much more fun...

The first photo here was at my home last night... actually I went on my balcony to see if I could get the sunset on a photo... but instead, this is what I found.... at 8 P.M. at night...

It was enormous, huge, and this picture doesn't do it justice.  It was so very bright and vivid... it really was amazing..

My sons, and my guy (Bruce), took me to dinner and it was so much fun.  I will always remember it.  We all had a great time.  Bruce bought me a hummingbird necklace for my birthday, because I love them.  My sons are taking me to see "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" this weekend, for my present.  I haven't been to it for years, it should be a blast.

But below are some photos from our dinner... it was great..

I don't think I will ever like photos of myself... but do any of us, really???

Anyways... that was my birthday... anyone that hasn't been to this blog before hang around.  Soon I will be posting free things and I am opening my online store soon...

May your God go with you and bless you...  Everyone deserves love, I hope you have all had love today....

Amy... AKA:  Zaimful... Zaimless.... Zacs.... Zaimy....