Monday, June 16, 2008

A Sunny Day

Sunshine outside is nice, and today it is sun-shining here. Just as important is sunshine inside of my heart, mind, and soul. We all have our down moments but what we do with those moments is important. As an individual it is important for me to take responsibility for my actions, but also for my thoughts.

Global consciousness says that we are to act in a certain way. When most things end we are suppose to be mad, angry, or some other negative emotion. This is to no one persons fault, it comes after a lifetime of conditioning from many sources. This conditioning shows up in every aspect of our lives. To change these behaviors and ways of thinking take a lot of courage, especially if you have never spoken up. The world tends to discourage independence while at the same time telling you that you to be independent.

Part of what I see in the world, and what I have experienced in my own life, is what they are now (in 2008) terming as"Dumbing Down". You will see me use this term a lot in my blog. I cannot generalize this term, it is to complex, but it has a lot to do with letting other people control our lives. I realized that the ultimate dumbing down of me was to let others run my life and as long as I let myself get upset, in any way, by any one, "They" had control.

The same works for happiness. No one can make me happy except me. Oh, I may be happier if I am with you, and I may be happier if situations improve, but it is my mind that the choice is made. When I laugh it is because I am entertained,that is why I can be happy watching a comedian, or when my sons do something silly. Some people search for happiness in the strangest places.

Have you ever had the uncontrollable urge to laugh when you weren't suppose to??? I have and it can be quite a disaster. You are not suppose to laugh in some situations, but everyone has their moments. Which was a horrible moment for the fellow in the video below.

Many people don't want the responsibility for the situations they are in. It always seems easier to blame someone else. I did this for a long time. In fact just a few years ago I quit referring to my childhood because I realized that by continually bringing it up I was blocking myself from going forward. I do want to be the beast me I can.

Now at first hand this may seem silly, but it's not. When trying to change people get upset, and I don't mean the person that is changing. It is the world around them. People will try to guilt you, or put fear in you to stop you from changing. They are use to you the way you are. I cannot even begin to tell you how many people in my life that accused me of stupidity, selfishness, insanity, all because I wanted a better life. People directly attacked me. Now that I speak up for myself it doesn't happen. Behaviors speak volumes and the people in my life now know that they can't get away with it.

The core of me now stems from me, not how anyone wants me to be. As a result I am stronger. It has taken a lot of work. I have learned to laugh at myself, because honestly some things are just worth laughing at. This again I had to learn. I use to get upset when someone would do something that I thought was a insult, and it may have well been, BUT what I chose to do with it. So what I have learned is everyone has their opinion and I don't have to get upset by that. It doesn't mean I have to like it but I can accept that now.

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