Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Every Day A New Beginning...

Well life never ceases to amaze me. I've not been well lately and having been doing what I can to move forward. I had all but consigned myself to believing that, other than my sons, this journey called my life would be just me on my own. I had quit thinking that anyone else would come along that I could enjoy or would enjoy life together with me.

Oh it's not cause I don't think I am worthy, not that at all. I have just had too many experiences with relationships that didn't work, due to lack of successful communications. So when I least expected, and I really, really wasn't looking, wham... Here this amazingly wonderful man shows up. Of course I was highly skeptical, really not believing that this could be a functional man. But because I am open minded, and willing to listen, I did just that.

By all appearances and conversations he seems to be just that. Though I haven't known him long, the screaming mi mi that I have in me isn't hollering RUN RUN.. not at all. That in itself is a surprise to me. But entering a relationship after years and years of not having one leaves me with a lot to question and learn. Not about him, but about life and myself.

I have discovered that the word Love is just that. It is a word that labels a feeling that I am having that no other word fits to. And there is a difference between loving someone and being in love. I do love him, and he has said the same to me. Even though he has tried to hold it back.

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