Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Dinner and a Sales Pitch...

I went to one of those meetings tonight where they try to talk you into joining some kind of marketing scam. The lure you in with a promise of dinner and MP3 players. I had not ever been to one of these before, although I have been to similar things in the past. I'd like to say it was entertaining, but it wasn't. It was however quite interesting.

I like to watch people and this provided me with that opportunity. The other people who were there were actually more entertaining than the speaker. Which doesn't say to much for the speaker. I am sure he did his best, but he reminded me more of a drill Sargent than a person trying to sell his wares. But all in all, it could have been worse.

I was with my most special man, and between the two of us I think we would have rather been curled up watching a movie. But every time I see a speaker such as this, I think that I should be speaking. Maybe a motivational speaker or something. I find it quite easy since I got over my fear of people, and thats been quite awhile ago. I like to help others grow and change. Thats what this blog is all about. Let grow and change.

I must say I was amazed how many people seemed to buy into the whole line he was selling though. Maybe it's because I spent so many years as a sales person. You know the saying, 'You can't con a con', that's how I felt tonight. It's part of the sales pitch. But I truly believe that if you want to sell something most people can tell if you are being genuine.

It may be a oxymoron but I was an honest salesman. That's the way it should be, but you just don't find it in the world anymore. Oh well eh?

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