Saturday, October 11, 2008

Life is so Radically Cool...

Some days I wonder about this thing called life... changes.. changes.. changes... and most all of them within my control... Wow... It's the same for each and every one of you out their in the world!!

I am reading an awesome book that has me in a constant state of revelation right now, it is truly wicked. Of course every book that I read I tend to think everyone should read. Especially if it leave a huge impact on me. The book I am reading is called 'How I Found Freedom in a Unfree World'. Just wicked, I am sure I will write lots about it, as I am learning tons from it. Unfortunately the author is dead now or I would be writing him and thank him for all the massive insights that he put in it.

Right now I am in a part that compares our problems and life choices to boxes. These are boxes that we choose to keep or not keep. And what is the price we are willing to pay to get out of the box, yes they are all boxes and we are in them. The interesting part is what are we willing to pay to get out of the box. Everything, EVERYTHING costs something. We can choose to stay in the box or get out. But the only thing keeping us in the box is us.

So I am thinking this, that our emotions also are boxes. We get comfortable in the boxes and no matter how miserable we are, often, we choose to stay their anyways. I for one do not like the box. I am so out of the box it can be down scary to some people. Well golly gee Gomer, ya gotta be kidding... hahahaaaaaaaaaaaa

So what happens when someone else tries to put us in a box, or they just throw us in one. Well dang, we can still choose to get out. No matter how bad it is a person can change it.

Then there is a trick box. It's a box beside a box. The box your in may be uncomfortable. and the box next to can be the greatest in the world. But out of fear we stay in the yucky box, looking at the other, and really wondering if it is as good as it looks. The truth is neither box is good or bad, they will make you grow one way or another. It's just choosing which box to be in.

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