Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Matrix

In the movie the Matrix, Neo the main character is given a choice. To take the blue pill or the red pill. One will leave him in his safe known life. The other will take him to places, and a world, of the unknown. Neo takes the chance.

Life is like the two pills every single day. We make choices all time, every moment of every day. Just opening our eyes is a choice. The difference between the two pills is very obvious, do the same or do something different. If you are unhappy with your life, well then, why are you making the same choices... take the other pill.

Not unlike Neo, at first it will be scary, unknown, and it can be frightful. But what do we get when we do the same things over and over?? Well we get the same things. If you live inside a box, and never go out, then how the heck do you know what is out there? Neo found the love of his life, and a world of unknown power that he didn't know he had, once he took the pill of uncertainty. Sure he had problems, everyone has problems. But if you noticed by the end of the first movie, he had figured out how to deal this them. All the time, remaining outside the box.

Because we all change in some way, why not make it the choices we really want. The problem being we can only go by what we know, and most of us have had enough pain that we don't trust ourselves or anything else anymore. We have forgotten how to listen to our instincts. I make more good and fun mistakes than anyone I know... and it's all cause I am willing to take the risk.

Life is a blast... but we don't know that unless we take the chance and tour it in the unknown places.

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